Easy Way To Unlock Samsung FRP using OTG Cable

FRP Lock Protection is known as factory reset protection a New
Type of Security Lock Developed By Google on Latest Android Devices like
Samsung Motorola; LG etc… Today here we are providing the methods to Unlock
FRP locked phones , which may ask Verify Google Account, Unlock FRP
Protection is not only for Samsung Phones , You Can use this solution
for almost all FRP locked Devices , Actually This FRP lock is Developed
by Google , Unlock FRP Lock Solution is Free, just follow the steps blow.

STEP by STEP FRP Unlock Guide

    1. Your Samsung FRP Locked Device
    2. OTG Cable And a FLashdrive
    3. Download The FRP Bypass Software from Here
    1. Copy it to a Flashdrive and plug the OTG Cable

  1. Reboot Your Device And Connect The OTG Cable to Your Samsung Device
  2. Locate And Install the App Downloaded Above
  3. Open it And Scroll Down To Factory Reset
  4.  After Resetting Allow the Device to Reboot
  5. You Are Good To Go…………..