Convert GPT drive into MBR using Command Prompt (cmd). 2018


GPT (GUID Partition Table) disks use unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI). GPT can make use of a very large space that is more than 2TB limit of MBR disks. GPT disks allow an almost unlimited number of partitions. Each GPT partition has a unique identification GUID and a partition content type. And you can have more primary partitions.

MBR (Master Boot Record) disks use the standard BIOS partition table. MBR disks do not support more than four primary partitions on each disk. The MBR partition method is not recommended for disks larger than 2 terabytes. If partition size surpasses 2TB, the surpassed part cannot be used.


You can follow these steps in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Step 1.

Backup all of your data form drives before converting the drive from GPT to MBR.

Step 2.

Open command prompt window during installation by pressing Shift + F10.

Step 3.

Type Diskpart into cmd window.


Step 4.

Type list disk. Make note of the disk number you want to delete or convert.

Step 5.

Now type select disk DiskNumber. By using this command you select the drive in which you want to any operation.

Step 6.

Now type clean.

Running the clean command will delete all partitions or volumes on the disk.

Step 7.

Now the last step is :

At the command prompt, type convert mbr. It will convert the selected drive into MBR.

You are done. You will get the confiramtion message into command prompt window. Refresh your windows installation. And create your new partition. Now, you will not get any error during installation.