Huawei Modem Unlocking Tools


Phase II
In case your PC don’t have Hyperterminal installed or if your using Windows 7 or Windows 10 you should use the following procedure.

1.Download our Modem Communicator Application.
2.Turn off your computer or laptop, take out all other modems, printers along with devices plugged into your computer with the exception of your monitor, keypad and mouse.
3.Start your pc, connect your USB modem and open the application you downloaded (wmc.exe).

4.Click on the Search for Ports button and wait for the result.
5.Click on the Check for Modems button and wait for a response.
6.Click on the Send AT Command button and ensure you receive the response “OK”.
7.In the text-box next to the Send User Command button, type the following command line (replace the word UnlockCode with the unlock you get on phase I):
8.Click on the Send User Command button.
9.Your modem should now be unlocked. Close the application (Modem Communicator), detach your modem and connect it again.

Every Huawei mobile modem has a unique unlock code. You can get the original unlock code for your Huawei USB wireless modem using the application from down.