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Error Only Official Released Binaries Are Allowed To be Flashed
During the last months after installing new, factory firmware, the users have met the situation that no individual firmware or individual root solution could be installed on the devices because the OEM Unlock option is unavailable. The public opinion was spread around that after 7 days the OEM Unlock option appears automatically and allowing it will provide the opportunity to install individual software. Based on experience this is not true because the phones remain closed after 7 days. To solve this issue, we have new procedures: RMM Unlock and KnoxGuard Unlock (in short KG Unlock).

The two procedures have the same effect: the OEM Unlock option appears. But it is depending on the model and firmware which procedure should be applied at each phone. It is reasonable to start with RMM Unlock procedure and if it does not work KnoxGuard Unlock should be tried. It can be helpful in choosing the right procedure if the phone is put in manual download mode in which the lines appearing at the top of the screen help you to choose.

If you see an “RMM State” line, the “RMM Unlock” should be used. In this case the “RMM State” is typically prenormal.

If you see a “KG State” line, the “KnoxGuard Unlock” should be used. In this case the “KG State” is typically prenormal.

If there is no “RMM State” or “KG State” line, then the OEM Unlock is available and permittable or the phone does not support RMM/KnoxGuard.

RMM and KnoxGuard Unlock – First in the World:
All models/firmware/android versions are supported where these features are available
No Root required
“OEM unlock” menu will be available under developer options
Custom firmware/root can be installed
RMM and KG state can be checked in download mode

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STEP by STEP FRP Unlock Guide

    1. Your Samsung FRP Locked Device
    2. OTG Cable And a FLashdrive
    3. Download The FRP Bypass Software from Here
    1. Copy it to a Flashdrive and plug the OTG Cable

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