Unlock Google and Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A10 – 2019 Security Update – Android 9

Unlock Google and Bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A10 – 2019 Security Update – Android 9.

Bypass FRP after performs Hard reset Samsung A10.

If this method fails, try the latest method:

BYPASS FRP ALL SAMSUNG NOVEMBER 2019 – 2020 Security Patch Level Update


WARNING: SIM card will be damaged,

Step on This video.

1. This method requires a NON-ACTIVE SIM card.
2. when asked to enter your Sim card PIN, Enter the incorrect PIN number. Type 3 times WRONG PIN lock, this will lock SIM card to PUK security.
3. When the PIN input opportunity runs out, then enter the PUK number. Type 8 times incorrect PUK to unlock the SIM card. You will be asked to Enter new PIN and then confirm it – TYPE the incorrect PIN twice
4. After 10 retries, the SIM card will be damaged and/or locked permanently and this will give you ACCESS to phone.
5. Follow the next video to bypass FRP Samsung Galaxy A10.

1. Apex Launcher. = http://bit.ly/2LrSdto
2. Android 6 GAM = http://bit.ly/38ft1zU
3. FRP_Bypass.apk = http://bit.ly/2LxhF0I

The Video on my YouTube channel is for Educational purposes only and/or to help people unlock their Samsung Galaxy A10 who forget their Google account (user and Password) or Google Lock.

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STEP by STEP FRP Unlock Guide

    1. Your Samsung FRP Locked Device
    2. OTG Cable And a FLashdrive
    3. Download The FRP Bypass Software from Here
    1. Copy it to a Flashdrive and plug the OTG Cable

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